Our Story…

Who buys farmland in February? We did! A young couple with an 18 month old, we put our city house up for sale and when it sold in 7 days, we started packing! We moved to our farm in July 1994 with a rented holiday trailer and started building our new life (and house).

As we neared completion of our home (and late Fall quickly turning to winter) a lovely lady named Edna Fink knocked on our trailer door and introduced herself, and that’s where our story began.

Edna and I became great friends and Edna introduced me to many other friends in the ‘neighbourhood’. As our family grew and the boys went to school, I spent time with Edna enjoying a hot coffee and her always-on-hand baked goods. Occasionally I would help Edna and was in awe of all that she accomplished in her Greenhouse.

The boys grew quickly and time went just as fast. We enjoyed seeing each other at regular Stitch ‘n B**ch gatherings that she had started with a wonderful circle of women, always ran into her and Lorraine Coles when we went to vote; and at Telford Hall dinners and seasonal events.

Probably on a bit of a lark, Edna once said to me “When I’m tired of doing the Greenhouse I’m going to sell it to you and then teach you everything I know”. I’d like to think she’s happy to know that it happened… except that she never got tired of the Greenhouse and she never got a chance to teach me. I miss her dearly.

In 2017 we disassembled her beloved Greenhouse and moved it north (4kms) where we reconstructed it into two 60′ Greenhouses. It was physically demanding work along with learning a whole new industry.

In very early March of 2018, we received our 1st order of extremely small plants from our supplier, and the first to go in the Greenhouse. The butterfly pictured on this page visited me that day… no one can tell me that that wasn’t Edna ❤

We had our first season in 2018 and were so touched to see so many community members visit us. Edna’s husband, Ray Fink has been an invaluable resource to us, and continues to be. We look forward to many more years of continuing Edna’s legacy of quality plants, locally grown and greeting each one of you with a smile and warmth, just as she did.


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