I can see clearly now…

I feel fortunate to be in this bubble. The world is changing drastically outside and around me, and I have the opportunity to shut it out. To gaze at the wonder and beauty of nature hour after hour. 

This season in the greenhouse, it’s different. Things are just a wee bit slower. There is no point in rushing. I’m taking each task just a fraction longer to complete and being very present in what I’m doing, and why. Reflection, solitude, silence, free thoughts, grounding with nature, being present, listening, hearing, wondering, ideas, fears, to-do’s, sadness, gratitude… it’s all there. 

I tricked myself into believing that I shut it out. I really didn’t, nor can I. It’s been right in front of me, in my hands, around me the whole time. The world resides inside my greenhouse, I can see it now. These little plants are a complete reflection of the world right now. Let me explain.  

Thousands of baby plants travelled to my greenhouse, their new home. Many of them grabbed onto the adventure with exuberance. Others were leery of the change, and remained healthy but stagnant, resisting the new environment. Some became weak and required extra attention but once given, bounced back. And of course, the bullies arrived, taking more water and more space than they should. And, yes, there were the sick, taken to a special place, isolated from others and given special life support processes. And there were those frozen in fear; they dropped their ability to cope (leaves) and stayed firmly in place, neither growing or dying, suspended in shock. Did we lose some plants? Yes we did. For various reasons. And the numbers are below a dozen in thousands of plants. 

Can you see the resemblance? The world outside is inside as well. COVID-19 is a new place, and I can recognize friends and family in the plants above. So how do we deal with it? In the greenhouse, there is only one way that I know of. I constantly talk to my plants (yes, I’m that crazy plant lady!); words of reassurance and encouragement; in some cases, physical support; determining ‘what’s missing’ for a plant, individually, and providing it for them; sometimes I simply have to let go and realize that things are out of my control. That’s the hardest part. And it’s where trust, faith and love enter the equation as a solution.  

In the storm of all this, Be gentle. Choose to not respond with anger. Try to figure out which “plant” they are. And then reassure them, find out what they need and Love them through this. Let things go, it will be okay. 

We are all learning and growing through this. Parents have been thrust into the career of teacher overnight. Growth. Companies are finding new ways of doing business. Growth & Innovation. As scary as Covid is, people are reaching out to help others. Love. If you find a frozen plant (person) please reach out and talk to them, fear is crippling them and they need your support. 

I am beginning to see very small, but definite signs of growth in the greenhouse. I am encouraged. I have placed a ring of healthy plants around my frozen ones, to support, reassure and Love those stuck in fear. Let’s do the same in the world around us ❤️

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