From High Heels to Flip Flops

Can you imagine looking at your shoe rack and seeing not one pair of high heels, just flip-flops?  I suspect that the gentlemen reading this post might be saying “Uhm, last time I checked, I didn’t have any high heels” LOL, but for the women who adore their heels… would you ever consider this switch?

I did.  It was a bumpy and foggy road but I made it to the town of Flip Flops in under a year.  I gotta tell ya, I really wish I’d made this trip a long, long time ago!

We’ve all experienced that very precise insta-milli-second that changed our world forever, and alters life as we know it.  That’s exactly when I started my trip to Flip Flops town.  In that earth-shattering, heart-stopping, time-suspending moment that I heard “I’m sorry, we’ve restructured and today is your last day”. I was handed my ticket to ‘what’s next’ and I began my journey.

You know the drill, it always seems to happen on top of other major changes.  For me, I had just been diagnosed with a medical condition that was really, really scary but not necessarily life threatening.  I was part of the C-Suite in that organization making good coin and supporting my family.  I had two amazing young men, a self-employed hubby and an adorable (but very much dependent) Mum with dementia relying on me in varying degrees.  ‘What’s next’ seemed akin to staring directly at Hannibal Lecter without the prison bars separating us.  Terrifying?  Oh yeah!

Let’s take stock. I was an HR Professional for almost my entire career; and I was now finally able to accept the truth that I was burned out; I didn’t want a corporate job again, I couldn’t face it; the economy wasn’t the greatest; and the most important thing: I wanted to do something I LOVED and be genuinely, authentically HAPPY doing it.

A ‘seed’ that was planted a looooong time ago began to occupy my thoughts, but, was it possible? Could I do it? There was SO much to learn! It would require commitment from my family too, I needed their support.

As that ‘seed’ began to push the dark soil away, it gained traction quickly springing upward with enthusiasm. That enthusiasm spawned dreaming. Dreaming turned into believing. Believing threw me into action. And, yes, Anything Is Possible! That’s when I wondered what on earth was I going to do with all my high heels?

When I knew the road was exactly right for me, the drive to the town of Flip Flops started with a stop at the second hand store for donation. I stopped at other towns named Excitement, Challenge, took a bit of G-force on Learning Curve, Exhaustion, Will This Work and spent a week one night in a place called Are We Ready. All of this led me purposefully and gratefully to Flip Flops and this is now Home.

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